Book Review: Get Your Life Back by John Eldredge

This book actually found me through another book. I started listening to Your Powerful Prayers by Susie Larson on audio and I didn’t realize it was just the introduction. John Eldredge chimed in with a view on prayer and it really spoke to me. He mentioned in the introduction that he also published a book … Read more

I Made a Mistake

This one took me a while. I didn’t even realize what was wrong except that I had this crisis feeling. You know that feeling like you left your wallet somewhere or that you missed an important event. This nagging feeling plagued me for weeks, maybe months if I’m honest. Someone was trying to get my … Read more

How My Garden Grows

So my first year of gardening is halfway done. I’ve had some successes and some absolute failures. I’ve learned a lot this year and it’s not over yet. Time for an update on how things are going… First up, let’s talk about Tomatoes. I planted both beefsteak and cherry tomatoes. Everyone I know here in … Read more

Hello Backyard Chickens

I don’t really know how this happened. I read some books on homesteading that mentioned chickens, then I dismissed the idea. Or at least I thought I did. The idea crept back in and I found myself imagining our backyard with chickens. It could be nice, I thought. Fresh eggs and fresh chicken meat sound … Read more

Garden Set

I think I’m finally done planting this season. As we move into warmer weather, I have done my best to get all the really hard work done in my garden so now it’s just a bit of maintenance to keep it going (and growing). Here’s what I have done so far… The first thing I … Read more

2022 Garden Plans

Time to go over the plans for the 2022 garden! I might be a little too optimistic, but I’ve made some big plans for growing foods this year in my backyard. I’m not just worried about store-bought foods and the chemicals used to grow commercial crops (although most of what I have learned grosses me … Read more