2022 Moon Calendar

2022 will have 12 full moons and 13 new moons. In 2022 there will not be a blue moon as no months during the year will have 2 full moons. There also won’t be a seasonal blue moon as part of 2022 because none of the seasons have four full moons. Each season will have three full moons.

The full moons are influenced by their placement in the sky astrologically, whereas the new moon’s sign is when both the sun and moon are in the same sign. The moon spends about 2.5 days in each sign and goes through all 12 signs every lunar cycle.

The moon’s place is computed for EST.

2022 Astrological Moon Signs:

January 17th in Cancer 6:48 pm
February 16th in Leo 11:56 am
March 18th in Virgo 3:18 am
April 16th in Libra 2:54 pm
May 16th in Scorpio 12:14 am – Total Lunar Eclipse
June 14th in Sagittarius 7:52 am
July 13th in Capricorn 2:38 pm
August 11th in Aquarius 9:35 pm
September 10th in Pisces 5:59 am
October 9th Aries 4:55 pm
November 8th in Taurus 6:02 am – Total Lunar Eclipse
December 7th in Gemini 11:08 pm

2022 New Moon Dates:

January 2nd, 1:33 pm Capricorn
February 1st, 12:46 am Aquarius
March 2nd 12:35 pm, Pisces
April 1st, 2:24 am, Aries
April 30th, 4:28 pm, Taurus
May 30th, 7:30 am, Gemini
June 28th, 10:52 pm Cancer
July 28th, 1:55 pm Leo
August 27th, 4:17 am Virgo
September 25th, 12:43 pm Libra
October 25th, 6:49 am Scorpio
November 23rd, 5:57 pm Sagittarius
December 23rd 5:17 am Capricorn

There will four eclipses this year; two are partial eclipse and two are total eclipse.

  • April 30th at 4:28 pm – New Moon – Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus
  • May 16th at 12:14 am – Flower Full Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • October 25th at 6:49 am – New Moon – Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio
  • November 8th at 6:02 am  – Beaver Full Moon – Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Partial solar eclipses occur when the moon passes in front of the sun, but only blocks some of its light. A lunar eclipse can occur only during a full moon when the sun, Earth and moon align and the moon passes into Earth’s shadow.

Happy Moon Magic!!

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