5 Things I Learned from Joe Rogan

What an amazing time in history to be alive. Think about all the landmark events that have transpired in just the last 3 years that we are now able to say we’ve lived through! I will one day be able to tell my grandchildren that I was alive and listened to Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Along with being a pretty impressive person, his podcast is very entertaining. I enjoy listening to him and his guests. Something about Joe Rogan puts people at ease in his presence and they are able (or they seem like they are able) to let their guard down and talk about real life. Recently I listened to Joe Rogan talk to the KneesOverToesGuy, (Ben Patrick), and I found myself reaching out to my mother (who has had knee pain for years) to share what I learned.

I think that is the whole point of entertainment. To learn something new! Listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast triggered me to do more research and I learned. Then I shared that knowledge.

If life is a school for the soul, as I believe it is, then this is the whole point of connecting with others.

1) It’s Okay to be Many Things

So much of what you hear from social media influences is that you need to niche down. Most social media guris will tell you to be really specific and know who your ideal audience is. I’ve taken so many courses with coaches and online influences telling me to picture the one person I am trying to reach and be specific in my narration. I hate that. I am much more than one thing. I don’t want to niche down, and most of the people I follow are covering more than one topic. Why shouldn’t I?

Joe Rogan is a martial arts athlete, father, husband, comedian. UFC commentator, actor, and…a pocaster. His podcast covers all kinds of topics and has a full range of different types of guests. I think it is time to admit that it is okay to be more than one thing on the internet. I’m fine with not being an “expert” in any one thing. I have a lot going on. Hopefully, some of it will appeal to someone. If not, I’m okay with that.

2) It’s Okay to Admit You Don’t Know

I’m an avid listener to podcasts and new sites. My favorite thing, even if I know the host is fully on board with the topic being discussed, is when the host plays “devil’s advocate” and takes the other side. I also really like it when the host asks questions as if they do not understand. “Why?” is a good question and should be asked, instead of demonized.

Being able to teach what you know is a sign of really understanding. Joe asks them questions to clarify because he isn’t in their head and he admits when he doesn’t know, which gives the listener a broader understanding.

This brings me to my next point…

3) Listening is a Skill Worth Having

Isn’t it nice to hear two sides of something where people aren’t talking over each other? It’s so refreshing! Listening to someone, really listening, is something our society truly lacks. So many people are living in echo chambers and not trying to hear the other side. I really believe open communication should be open and that starts when we really listen to each other, not just wait to talk.

Listening, like any other communication skill, needs practice.

  1. Pay Attention
  2. Avoid Inturrupting
  3. Just Listen
  4. Remember and Follow Up

4) I am Not Alone

While it’s disgusting what is happening, 11 million listeners can’t be wrong. Joe Rogan’s audience is massive, and it includes a lot of people like me. People who believe in free speech know that entertainers should stay in their lane, as entertainment. No one relevant really cares what Harry and Megan think or Joni Mitchell, or Neil Young, or Crosby, Stills, and Nash. No one should be telling anyone what to put in their body. No one should be censoring doctors. Especially the government. They know less than nothing about how I live my life.

I believe in the Constitution of the United States. I believe in the freedom of speech, even if it offends me. As long as what you’re doing doesn’t physically hurt anyone, I don’t want you censored. I want you to be able to speak your mind. This is part of what makes America great.

The latest scandal with Joe Rogan is nothing less than an attack on free speech, our 1st constitutional amendment. It makes me sick and ashamed of this once great nation to hear that the president and his fascist cabinet are calling for censoring an American citizen for asking questions. While it’s disgusting what is happening, 11 million listeners can’t be wrong.

They make no effort to hide it. When it comes to Covid everyone needs to be censored. Get the jab, and encourage others to as well, or you are spreading disinformation. It’s sad that this is happening in a free country. I knew of Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter MucCullough before they went on Joe Rogan’s podcast. I’m glad they are getting their message out. Sad that most who won’t hear what they have to say are trying to censor them. They have a lot of knowledge to share.

5) I Want to be on the Right Side of History

This is no longer about a podcast. This is about freedom and what it means to be an American. As I teach my children about the American Revolution and our founding documents in homeschool, I’m reminded of the origins of this great nation. We fought for our independence. My immigrant relatives were very proud to be American. I want my children to be as well.

I don’t want to say I stood by and did nothing as tyrants took over.

So, I’m not going to censor myself anymore. There is no way Biden won 81 million votes as his approval ranking is in the 20s one year later. I took my kids out of public school and I’ve dedicated myself to teaching them how to live off the grid, in case what ‘The World Economic Forum’ predicts will come to fruition. Better to be safe than sorry.

If you want to check out The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast for yourself, click here.

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