Book Review: Come, Lord Jesus: Meditations on the Second Coming of Christ by John Piper

*I received this product for review from the publisher, this does not affect my personal opinion. This post contains affiliate links. Allow me to try to unpack the latest book from John Piper, Come, Lord Jesus. This isn’t an easy review to write as this book is not about a simple subject. This is not … Read more

Book Review: A Short Guide to Reading the Bible Better by George H. Guthrie

A Short Guide to Reading the Bible starts with, “This is a book about words.” This short book has a compelling argument for why reading the Bible is so important and how to go about making it a priority in your life. This book is only six chapters and less than two hundred pages. It … Read more

First, Feverant, and Dangerous Prayer

This title is actually a play on words. My most recent reads were all books on prayer; All of these books are centrally focused on a simple subject. A lot of Christian non-fiction books focus on prayer. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find even one Christian non-fiction that doesn’t focus on prayer. Sometimes, for … Read more

My Favorite Bible Apps

I know what you might be thinking.
Bible + Social Media? Nah! I’ll stick with the word as it’s written.
I thought the same thing. That thought kept me off any Bible apps until late last year and then, I realized all that I was missing. I should have remembered Romans 8:28.

My main problem is, like many Christians, I get busy doing things and I don’t always make time to get into the Word. I do love spending time with God and reading the Bible, but I’m only human. I found that just setting a daily reminder didn’t work for me. I needed a plan.

Book Review: Get Your Life Back by John Eldredge

This book actually found me through another book. I started listening to Your Powerful Prayers by Susie Larson on audio and I didn’t realize it was just the introduction. John Eldredge chimed in with a view on prayer and it really spoke to me. He mentioned in the introduction that he also published a book … Read more

I Made a Mistake

This one took me a while. I didn’t even realize what was wrong except that I had this crisis feeling. You know that feeling like you left your wallet somewhere or that you missed an important event. This nagging feeling plagued me for weeks, maybe months if I’m honest. Someone was trying to get my … Read more