BOGO Week!

Something about getting FREE stuff really appeals to me. I think most people would agree that FREE is one of the best four-letter words in the English language. doTERRA gives us FREE products a few times a year, but the November BOGO is my absolute favorite one.

The BOGO Box comes with two exclusive oils that are not available in the US! It allows members and new enrollments to get all the BOGOs, while only paying for shipping once, with a total of over $15.96+ of savings in shipping. Below you will find the buy one oils, while the get one oils will be a surprise revealed each BOGO day.
ALSO, FREE enrollment for those who buy the BOGO Box, while supplies last. This is only available on Monday with the box and not the individual days.
This means customers will receive:
  • Copaiba 15mL
  • Adaptiv® 15mL
  • doTERRA On Guard® 15mL
  • Northern Escape 15mL
  • Peppermint 15mL
  • Five additional oils!
  • Free BOGO eBook

There is a limit of 2 boxes per customer:
SKU: 60216020
Wholesale Price: $156.50
PV: 156.50
Retail Price: $208.67
Total Value: $279.00 (Wholesale)
Savings: $122.50 Wholesale

Day 1

Tomorrow, November 16th, buy Adaptiv® 15 mL, get Ylang Ylang 15 mL for free! Monday’s BOGO may be needed now more than ever before as emotions are on a roller coaster and energy is maxed out!
Don’t miss out on this BOGO! Available only while supplies last on November 16th.
Adaptiv® SKU: 60209364
Size: 15 mL
Retail: $50.00
Wholesale: $37.50
Limit: 5 per account


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