Book Review: How to Meditate with Crystals: Simple Ways to Change Your Life by Jolie DeMarco

I just adored this author’s writing style. Some authors really understand how to write conversation style and Jolie DeMarco does this very well. How to Meditate with Crystals is broken into three parts; Meditation Made Easy, Using Crystals During Meditation, and Meditation Practice. Truth be told, I’m a certified meditation teacher. I had to fight my ego that wanted to skip over the intro to meditation and go right to part three. I’m very glad I read this book in its entirety as it was a good reinforcement on my own beliefs and introduced a few new concepts for me.

This author does a fantastic job in part one breaking down why meditation is important and how meditation can help raise your vibration. Then she explains different styles of meditations with examples of when to use them. The author goes over meditation spirit guides and how to use everyday objects for meditation, then she gets into using crystals to mediate.

Part two of this book gets into detail of what crystals to use for what purpose. The author goes into detail of 33 of her favorite crystals for meditation. For those 33 the author describes the crystals, explains the crystal’s origin, the best meditation purpose, the chakras it’s associated with, it’s and physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections. This part also goes into lists of crystals to use for certain situations, like physical healing.

Part three is why I chose to review this book. Jolie DeMarco does what she does best in this chapter and I’m sure this is what makes her a much sought after metaphysical guide. The author breaks down and explains how exactly to meditate for certain goals. In this section, she explains the best crystals and gives clear guidance on how to open and close the meditation and what to focus on. This is where I gleaned the most information.

Although I enjoyed reading this book and think it has some great information, I had to knock off a star for a few reasons. The meditation methods she described aren’t very practical unless you write out a script, record yourself reading it, then play it back for your meditation. There are lengthy meditation suggestions for reaching goals and it would be quite difficult to be a in a meditative state and remember the entire script. No matter how wonderful these suggestions are, the reader has to chose to use them as mere suggestions, or record them and hope they give themselves enough time during the recording to reach visualization goals. Like I said, I’m a meditation teacher, timing takes a bit of practice and sometimes trial and error.

These meditations she uses are not the only way to accomplish said goals. I didn’t see much explanation of that. The part called “closing and gratitude” definitely made the meditations feel like some sort of prayer. She does explain early in the book that she feels she is being “guided” to write this or explain in detail about this detail for the person reading this book, i.e. the reader (whoever that may be). It did feel like the author was addressing me directly with her conversation style writing so maybe that was the author accomplishing a goal.

Even though I found some things troublesome, I still this there is a lot more good than bad. I’d like to have this for my shelf as I have no problem recording scripts to follow for meditation. For those that do, you will probably still find the information presented in this book will aid you in learning to meditate with crystals.

About the book:

Easy Crystal Meditations for Purpose, Abundance, Healing, and Spiritual Connection

Lower your stress levels and raise your frequency with crystal meditations. This fabulous book includes thirty-three powerful meditations and in-depth discussions for dozens of individual crystals. For each meditation, Jolie shares the best high-vibe crystals to use and specific tips for setting your intention, opening the meditation, and expressing gratitude. You will explore each crystal’s energy vibration, origin, and best usage in a meditation, as well as its influence on the chakras, the physical body, the emotions, and the spirit. The combination of crystals and meditation can improve your level of happiness and ignite success.

How to Meditate with Crystals features helpful guided meditations, chakra and color meditations, meditations for manifesting love, meditations to connect with spirit guides or loved ones who have passed over, body movement meditations, and several others. Whether you’re just beginning your practice or have been meditating for many years, this book will support your journey toward a more balanced, fulfilled, authentic, and spiritually connected version of yourself.

Includes a color insert showing each of the thirty-three crystals, including amethyst, angelite, bloodstone, cavansite, carnelian, celestite, hematite, jasper, moonstone, pyrite, quartz, tiger’s eye, and many more.

About the author:

Jolie DeMarco is a master crystal healer, international author, inspirational speaker, and professional intuitive. She is the president and founder of My Flora Aura, a mindful meditation center and metaphysical retail space in Boca Raton, Florida, and Crystal Junkie Rocks & Remedies in Deerfield Beach. She is also the founder of, a website for learning and purchasing Rocks & Remedies. Jolie is a Reiki master, meditation teacher, and gifted clairvoyant medium, giving more than one thousand private readings per year. She has been featured on the TLC television network and you can see her on “All Things Metaphysical” and “My Metaphysical Channel,” available on Roku and Amazon Fire. Jolie is the creator of several books and oracle decks, as well as phone apps and downloadable guided meditations. She lives in Boca Raton and can be found online at Facebook Live, Youtube, and

Publisher: Llewellyn
Publish Date: July 8th, 2021

I received a copy of this book directly from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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