Book Review: Tarot by the Moon: Spreads & Spells for Every Month of the Year Victoria Constantino

What a great surprise this book was! This book does a fantastic job of breaking down tarot for the reader. It is not just a moon tarot book, although there is plenty of that in here, it is also a book on how to use tarot in your life. This a great reference book that is also easy to understand.

This is exactly the sort of book I see myself referring to again and again as I use tarot in my practice. It has a lot of information about tarot (numerology, symbols, colors, etc,) which helps the reader to interpret the cards. This breakdown is so good as it doesn’t just have a glossary to look up one specific card. I almost hate those, since it is not really intended to help you learn but to keep you relying on someone’s interpretation. This book gives you all you need to know about the cards in order to read them.

This book has so much good advice on working with the moon throughout the year. Each month’s moon is broken down into specific energies that work well for that month. You can also use the glossary to look up specific subjects or spells around what you need. The author encourages spells and rituals to help you get the most out of each moon’s energy. This book gives the reader plenty of spreads to help fine tune the message from the tarot. I so appreciated the questions for each spread and the ideas for meditating on what those cards really mean for your life.

This book is not just very useful, it is also quite beautiful. The spreads are easy to interpret with illustrations showing where to put what card. The information in this book is also easy to digest with highlights of important information easy to see at a glance. This is a good book for either beginners or more advanced tarot practitioners. I’d recommend this book for any tarot user who wants to get more from their cards. 

About the book:

The energy of the moon has an undeniably powerful influence–on people, on plants and animals, and on the cycles and rhythms of the world. This book provides month-by-month tarot spreads, spells, rituals, and information–all of which are designed to help you manifest the changes and outcomes you want to see for yourself and your community.

Author Victoria Constantino provides guidance for the ideal time, day of the week, or moon phase that best supports the specific spiritual work that you want to focus on. Explore spells and practices for cutting cords, house clearing and blessing, summoning a new career opportunity, finding your spirit animal, and many others. Delve into tarot with spreads for relationship renewal, connecting with your higher self, letting go, tapping into your potential, and more. Filled with hands-on practices to help you address dozens of different purposes and needs, Tarot by the Moon is a masterful guide to creating positive transformation with the cyclical magical energies that play such a powerful role in our lives.

About the author:

Victoria Constantino (Birmingham, AL) is a longtime tarot practitioner and seeker of visionary wisdom. She spent more than a decade as an editor and publisher of literary fiction and non-fiction, and was the managing editor for a prominent women’s lifestyle magazine. She left the field of publishing to focus on her writing and spiritual practice. Her previous publications include poetry and fiction, and instructional guides for a business publisher. She attended the University of Oxford and holds a master’s degree in writing.

I received a copy of this book directly from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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