Book Review: The Path of the Witch: Rituals Practices for Discovering Which Witch You Are by Lidia Pradas

This is a visually appealing book. I’ve always been fascinated with witches who claim to be a certain type of witch, I thought it would be nice to see how they would describe themselves. This author does a good job of describing without apparent prejudices and avoids any and all controversial topics, that’s no small accomplishment.

What worked for me in this book is the author’s gentle reminders that although there are “types” of witches, there is not one way that is absolutely right. There is only what is right for you in your path.

This book is for newbies or dabblers who need more information. The author goes over 7 main types of witches and things they might incorporate in their craft. There was a whole chapter on “other paths and advice” which was very general and will probably not offend anyone. I think by side stepping specifics, and not trying to become a gatekeeper, the author leaves a beginner with more questions than answers. That is actually a good thing. You don’t know what you don’t know. There is much information available for those who seek to learn more and this should be encouraged for all newbies on their path.

For someone who is just curious and probably won’t go into the craft, this is a great book to help you gain some understanding into some of the different types of witchcraft.

About the book:

Elegantly designed and gorgeously illustrated, The Path of the Witch presents the key paths and practices of witchcraft.

Witchcraft is not one defined path—rather, it is a diversity of practices you can curate and align with based on your lifestyle and unique gifts. Which witch are you?
Do you have an affinity for working with plants and herbs for magic and medicine? You may be a Green Witch.
Is the kitchen and home space sacred to you? Are you able to tap into the sensory and healing properties of food for spellwork? Is cooking an intentional act for you? You may be a Kitchen Witch.
Are you able to easily connect with the spirit world or the liminal realms? You may be a Hedge Witch.
Can you do many practices with ease? You may be an Eclectic Witch.
The Path of the Witch describes the many different types of witches, their gifts and abilities, and their practices. Each path shows readers activities and rituals that they can use to discover and explore that type of witchcraft and discern which one is the fit for them.

About the Author:

Lidia Pradas is the wiccan witch behind the Instagram sensation Wiccan Tips and the author of The Complete Grimoire. She comes from a family of witches and teaches and writes about witchcraft and paganism to beginner witches.

Publisher: Fair Winds Press/Quarto Group
Publish Date: April 27, 2021

I received a copy of this book directly from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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