Candle Magic and Candle Color Meanings

Candles are the cornerstones of magic. Candles are so commonplace now that your don’t need to know how to make your own to get the desired results from candle magic, although some witches still do.

I use candles in ritual magic, to set intentions, for meditation, for scurrying, to represent the God and Goddess, to represent the elements, and for everyday magic. Candle magic is one of the easiest things to do. Pick your candle, set your intention, light the wick and watch your dreams come to fruition. Different sized candles can be used for spell work, depending on if you need longer or shorter time to work magic.

I’ve listed some basic meanings for candle colors below. Since witchcraft is very personal, use the color that speaks to your specific meaning, even if it doesn’t match the meaning below. Intention is the most important part of any magic.

Basic Candle Magic

Most candle magic calls for you to write out our intention, although that’s not always necessary. If you do feel compelled to write out your intentions, be specific. Then light the paper with your candle at the right time. It is best to stick to one thing at a time and not try to combine spells/intentions. Focus all your energy on the one thing you desire.

Dress your candle with essential oils. Anoint your candle from top to bottom to draw things to you and from the bottom up to send away or repel energy. Dress your candle intentionally until you feel like it is charged. Roll your oil in herbs or powders if your working calls for that. Meditate your intention and visualize it coming to fruition for a minute or two and then light the wick. You can also engrave your candle with your intentions and or pair candle magic with Sigil magic. Burn your candle for the intended time.

Always place candles in a fire safe dish and never leave candles burning unattended.

Candles and Divination

Candles can be used for divination. Pyromancy is divination using a flame. As your candle burns,check that the flame is strong and steady and burns at an even rate. This is a positive sign for spell work. A candle wick should be about 1/4″ before you light it and the room should be clear of any drafts.

  • A high flame can indicate a situation is getting out of hand but you have the power to get it back under control.
  • A weak candle flame can indicate that the energy put in to the spell is not clear or the will is too weak.
  • A flickering candle between high and low flame can indicate inconsistent feelings or hot and cold emotions.
  • A flame that suddenly gets extinguished (without any obvious reason, lie a draft) can be the universe telling you “not now”.
  • Knots or black bulbs in the wick while your candles burn indicates something is tied up before your spell can be fulfilled.
  • A flickering or dancing flame indicates the spirits are working positively for your spell

Ceromancy is reading the way the wax melts while your candle is burning and after it is completely burnt out. Look out for any symbols in the wax, don’t forget to read into any negative space left behind. You can also use the way the wax is flowing for divination.

  • Easterly wax flow can represent communication and new beginnings
  • Southern wax flow indicates passion and energy, fast spell results
  • Westerly wax flow indicates spiritual matters/help is on the way, and the subconscious.
  • Northern wax flow can indicate material wealth, the body, and that the spell will be long lasting

Alternately, you can read the wax a candle burns by pouring the melting candle wax into a bowl of cold water. The wax will harden immediately and make shapes. Try to decipher the shapes/symbols that you see.

Candle Color Meanings

White Candles

Day: Monday

Root and Crown Chakra (can be used for all chakras)

Protection, The Goddess, Higher Self, Purity, Peace, Cleansing, Virginity, can be used a substitute for any color.


Black Candles

Day: Saturday

Root Chakra

Binding, Shapeshifting, Protection, Repels Negativity, Home Protection


Brown Candles

Day: Saturday

Root Chakra

Special Favors, Influences Friendships, Security, Safety, Stability


Silver Candles

Day: Monday

Root and Crown Chakra (can be used for all chakras)

The Goddess, Astral Energy, Female Energy, Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Intuition, Dreams


Purple Candles

Day: Wednesday

Third Eye and Crown Chakra

Psychic Ability, Hidden Knowledge to influence people in high places, Spiritual Power


Blue Candles

Day: Wednesday and Saturday

Throat Chakra

Water Element, Wisdom, Protection, Calm, Good Fortune, Opening blocked communication, Spiritual Inspiration, Meditiation


Green Candles

Day: Friday

Heart Chakra

Earth Element, Physical Healing, Monetary Success, Mother Earth, Tree & Plant Magic, Growth, Personal Goals


Pink Candles

Day: Friday

Heart Chakra

Affection, Romance, Caring, Nurturing, Planetary Good Will, Self Love & Acceptance, Passion


Red Candles

Day: Tuesday

Root Chakra

Fire Element, Passion, Strength, Fast Action, Career Goals, Lust, Driving Force, Survival, Blood of the Moon


Orange Candles

Day: Wednesday

Sacral Chakra

General Success, Property Deals, Legal Matters, Justice, Selling


Yellow Candles

Day: Sunday and Wednesday

Solar Plexus Chakra

Air Element, Intelligence, The Sun, Memory, Logical Imagination, Accelerates Learning, Breaks Mental Blocks



Final Thoughts: Candle magic is easy to do and good for a new or seasoned practitioner as long as you practice fire safety and always use a fire safe dish. Intention is always the most important part of any spell work, so keep that in mind as you work you own magic. For further study, check out The Book of Candle Magic by Madame Pamita.

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