New dōTERRA Products ~ 2021

In case you didn’t know, dōTERRA just had their yearly convention. Convention is a great time for dōTERRA lovers to come together and learn more about things the company is doing. It is also a time for celebrate wins from dōTERRA sharers. Every year at convention dōTERRA releases new products. New products from dōTERRA About … Read more

Lemongrass Essential Oil Uses and Benefits – Cymbopogon flexuosus

Lemongrass is a strong, fresh, grassy, citrusy, lemon peel-like, herbaceous and smoky smelling essential oil that serves as a great alternative to herbicides and toxins for pest control. Lemongrass can be grown anywhere, but it prefers warm, humid climates with plenty of sunshine and rainfall.  Lemongrass is a fast-growing perennial grass that grows up to … Read more

BOGO Week -March 2021

What a great way to start Spring! doTERRA has BOGOs all week, starting March 22nd. This time around, they have announced ALL the oils. Monday the BOGO box goes on sale. You pay for 5 oils and get 8 for FREE! Here are the oils: dōTERRA Balance® 15ml Beautiful Touch 10ml roller (limited time offer) … Read more

Love Oils and New Products

Love Oils is LIVE! Love Oils is the brainchild of Allyse Sedivy. Allyse Shedivy first created Oil Games, so a lot of us know and trust her. Love Oils takes us through some of the most essential oils and gives us testimonials from real users on how it has worked for them. Love Oils is … Read more

BOGO Week!

Something about getting FREE stuff really appeals to me. I think most people would agree that FREE is one of the best four-letter words in the English language. doTERRA gives us FREE products a few times a year, but the November BOGO is my absolute favorite one. The BOGO Box comes with two exclusive oils … Read more

Litsea Essential Oil and Diffuser Blends

Litsea, also known as May Chang, is a refreshing, rejuvenating essential oil with a lemony aroma. Litsea has long been used by the indigenous people of Taiwan and offers a variety of health benefits. Litsea is one of my favorite scents. It is citrusy, even though it is a spice and not actually a citrus … Read more

November Specials

November is the start of the season for Holiday Specials. The exclusive holiday items go on sale tomorrow, November 2nd, and they are nothing short of amazing! I’d love to highlight ALL of them, but that would make this post much longer than I mean for it to be. Let me just point out the … Read more