How My Garden Grows

So my first year of gardening is halfway done. I’ve had some successes and some absolute failures. I’ve learned a lot this year and it’s not over yet. Time for an update on how things are going… First up, let’s talk about Tomatoes. I planted both beefsteak and cherry tomatoes. Everyone I know here in … Read more

Garden Set

I think I’m finally done planting this season. As we move into warmer weather, I have done my best to get all the really hard work done in my garden so now it’s just a bit of maintenance to keep it going (and growing). Here’s what I have done so far… The first thing I … Read more

2022 Garden Plans

Time to go over the plans for the 2022 garden! I might be a little too optimistic, but I’ve made some big plans for growing foods this year in my backyard. I’m not just worried about store-bought foods and the chemicals used to grow commercial crops (although most of what I have learned grosses me … Read more