How to Use a Pendulum

The Pendulum is a quick easy way to get an answer to a specific question.

The possibilities for using pendulums are almost endless. You can use a pendulum to answer a yes or no question, to get directions, to find lost objects, to get the gender or an unborn baby, to find sources of water/oil/gems, to help make decisions, and many other things. The pendulum helps you tap into your intuition and sixth sense. When you hold a pendulum, it will react to the small nerve reactions from your fingers which are produced by your unconscious mind as a response to the question that you asked. The answers to the universe are within you, the pendulum simply acts as a medium.

Using Your Pendulum

I have been using a pendulum for many years. The concept is pretty simple. You ask a question and the pendulum swings one of 6 ways:

  • Side to Side
  • Out to In
  • Clockwise
  • Counter clockwise
  • Elliptical motion
  • Bobbing movement (up and down, often indicates a strong affirmative action)

Most people are only looking for those “yes” or “no” answers.

Once you have your pendulum all picked out, it’s time to get really familiar with it. Hold the top of the chain and ask a question like “What does a “no” look like?” or “Is my name Karen?”. Give it a second and concentrate on your question. You can do this by chanting it softly out-loud or in your head. Once the pendulum starts swinging, you have a set response. If the answer to your question is a known “yes”, and it swings side to side, then you know a side to side is a “yes” answer. Likewise for a known “no” question.

Start with simple questions. Once you get the feel of it, you can move onto bigger and more personal questions. Ask a question only once. You can ask a follow-up question when the movement of the pendulum increases or strengthens.

By asking simple yes or no questions, you can use your pendulum to find lost objects, (or buried treasure). For lost objects, start in a room and ask if the item is in the room. If the answer is yes, then ask more specific questions like, “Is (the item) on this side of the room?”. Keep getting closer until you find the item. You can use the same kind of method for finding water, gems, shells, or almost anything outside.

Cleansing with a Pendulum

Cast away negativity with your pendulum. Simply swing your pendulum in a counterclockwise motion and ask that the negativity be removed from your mind, body, and spirit. Once it stops moving, swing it in clockwise and fill yourself with strength and positivity. This same method can be used to clear out negativity from a room or even another person. I would caution that clearing out others’ negativity should be done by those that are very familiar with their pendulums.

As with most gemstones, it is important to cleanse your pendulum. Many pendulums are created with crystals, stones, and natural gemstones. These absorb whatever energy is around them and can hold on to it for a long time. You will get the best results from your pendulum if it has only your energy to work with – so it’s really a good idea to cleanse it before using it for the first time (and then occasionally thereafter as you feel necessary). This can be done by placing it in sunlight, under full moon light, rinsing it in water, smudging (passing the pendulum through incense or smoke), cleansing with gemstones (like citrine or selenite), placing them in or on the earth, or visualizing a cleanse in your mind.

Keep in mind that some stones should NOT be placed under water (like selenite, lepidolite, azurite, malachite, calcite, angelite, celestite, fluorite, rhodocrosite and ammolite) and others will lose some of their luster if exposed to direct sunlight (like amethyst, apatite, aquamarine, aventurine, beryl calcite, citrine, clear quartz, flourite, topaz, saffire, and turquoise). It is best to err on the side of caution if you are unsure what kind of stone is on your pendulum and use visualization or full moonlight (safe inside from a windowsill will work).

How Pendulums Help with Healing and Balancing Chakras

Pendulums promote healing with the process of dowsing which seeks out energy. This connects you to higher energies spiritually and can help locate any blocks in energy. Balancing one’s chakras is also possible with pendulums, as pendulums tend to pick up on subtle vibrations to clear the body and balance mind, body, and spirit. Some healers use pendulums to find problem areas of the body. A pendulum cannot heal by itself, but it can guide a lightworker to the right spot and indicate when the healing is complete. In the same way, a pendulum can be used on yourself or on someone to align the chakras.

The more you use your pendulum, the more accurately it can guide you.

For further study, check out How to Use a Pendulum by Richard Webster.

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