Looking Ahead to 2022

I love a good challenge. New Year’s week is a great time to set intentions and for me that means setting goals and challenges for myself for the coming year.

2021 was a year of crap, and surprises, and miracles… you were there, you know. Personally, I am even more resolved to speak truth in 2022 and not care about what other people think. You may not be surprised to find out that I am against so much of what is happening in our world today. I am anti-lockdown, anti-vax mandates, and anti-more government. Its part of the reason I’m not on mainstream social media much anymore. You can find me on Gettr, the twitter killer, most days.

I usually over commit myself, so I’m trying not to do that this coming year.

One  challenge that I do every year is the Goodreads Reading Challenge. This one is so easy. Just pick a number and Goodreads will keep track for you (as long as you mark when you finish a book on their site). Last year I read 59 books, which was 9 more than the 50 I hoped to read. I hope to read at least 60 books in 2022.

Jupiter is going to be a big factor this coming year. Jupiter is a planet that amplifies. so we’re in for some big things in 2022. 2022 will have 12 Full Moons with 2 partial eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio and 13 New Moons, two of which will be eclipses (also in Taurus and Scorpio). I want to honor the moon phases by journaling with every new and full moon. I think it will be fun to look back and see what I hoped to manifest with each cycle and compare it with what happened.

Meditation has been life changing for me. Seriously, if you want to do one thing in 2022 to make your world better, MEDITATE! I plan to meditate as much, if not more, in 2022. I want to meditate at least 5x a week in 2022. It’s one thing I know will help with whatever comes.

As far as crafting, I learned quite a bit in 2021. I made a lot of handmade items and I plan to continue that in 2022. Since August 2021 I have completed the following projects:

  • 6 knitted hats
  • 3 knitted scarves
  • 2 knitted dishclothes
  • 2 knitted fingerless gloves
  • 2 knitted headbands
  • 2 knitted scrunchies
  • 1 crocheted pair of fingerless gloves
  • 1 knitted/crochet baby blanket
  • 4 knitted coasters
  • 1 crocheted coaster
  • 2 crocheted coffee mug cozies
  • 1 crocheted cardigan
  • 2 crocheted potholders
  • 1 crocheted cat
  • 1 crocheted slouch hat
  • 1 crocheted prayer shawl
  • 1 crocheted crochet hook holder

I haven’t found a real “challenge” for 2022 that I can commit to. My goal is to make at least one project a week. That’s 52 projects for 2022. I think this is totally do-able.

Fitness is something on most people’s minds as they set resolutions for the new year and I am no exception. I plan to move more in 2022, so I’m starting right off the bat with Beachbody On Demand’s Job 1  and to increase my water intake to 1/2 my body weight in oz a day. I did a lot of working out last year and I did 1/2 my body weight in oz for the first few months, but I didn’t do well on nutrition and then I totally fell off the wagon in the last quarter of the year. I can try again in 2022. Something is better than nothing. My goal is to lose 5 inches in 2022 and hit my water intake goal 3x a week.

So that’s it. My goals for 2022.

What are your goals for 2022?

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