New dōTERRA Products ~ 2021

In case you didn’t know, dōTERRA just had their yearly convention. Convention is a great time for dōTERRA lovers to come together and learn more about things the company is doing. It is also a time for celebrate wins from dōTERRA sharers. Every year at convention dōTERRA releases new products.

New products from dōTERRA

About Madagascar Vanilla | Vanilla planifolia:

We have been waiting a long time for a vanilla essential oil. Did you know vanilla is the most requested single oil? I am so excited to finally have a vanilla essential oil from dōTERRA! This amazing oil is the second most expensive crop in the world and only blooms once a year. This blend can be used as a personal fragrance, in a body lotion or bath, and in your favorite beverage. Learn more about dōTERRA’s Madagascar Vanilla in this ebook.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil and Vanilla Absolute

Aromatic Description: Rich, creamy, sweet

About Tulsi (Holy Basil) | Ocimum sanctum:

This is one of my absolute favorite essential oils from dōTERRA. It was released last year for a limited time and I was lucky enough to snag a bottle. I am so glad it is becoming a permanent product. Tulsi (Holy Basil) meaning “the incomparable one,” is considered “Queen of the Herbs.” It is traditionally used around the world as part of rituals and protection in many cultures. Tulsi resembles a cross between traditional Basil oil and Clove oil. It actually smells amazing. I love to diffuse this oil for meditation and for promoting a calming atmosphere. Tulsi may help with oral hygiene and the appearance of healthy skin.

Aromatic Description: Warm, spicy, balsamic

About Deep Blue™ Stick:

The Deep Blue™ Stick is powerful, targeted relief in a fast-acting solid. A great addition to your bathroom cabinet or gym bag, the stick formula provides moisturizing elements that leave your skin feeling soft and not greasy. This stick includes dōTERRA’s Deep Blue™ essential oil and Copaiba. This is powerful combination for discomfort. Deep Blue™ Stick creates a cooling and soothing sensation. Quick drying so it can be applied before, during, or after a workout, the Deep Blue™ Stick is soothing, convenient, and effective. Deep Blue™ was one of my first dōTERRA purchases and gets a lot of use in my home.

About Copaiba Touch | Copaifera:

Copaiba, a fan-favorite essential oil, is now available in a convenient roll-on. Copaiba Touch is a blend of copaiba essential oil and fractionated coconut oil. It moisturizes skin, and promotes a clear, smooth complexion. Copaiba helps to enhance absorption of other essential oils. Copaiba essential oil and oleoresin contain large amounts of beta-caryophyllene, a molecule that interacts with cannabinoid receptors in your skin. This causes skin cells to produce beta-endorphin, one of the happiness hormones.

Ingredients:Copaifera Resin, Fractionated Coconut Oil

Aromatic Description:Spicy, woody

About Hygge™ Cozy Blend:

In Nordic countries Hygge, pronounced hoo-gah, is the practice of finding joy in everyday moments. dōTERRA captures this comfort and familiarity in a bottle with the Hygge™ Cozy Blend. Hygge™ is best used in a diffuser or as a room refresher. Mix Hygge with a small amount of witch hazel and distilled water for a DIY room spray.

Key Ingredients: Wild Orange, Cedarwood, Amyris, Frankincense, Myrrh, Cistus, Vetiver, Tonka Bean, and Vanilla

Aromatic Description: Warm, woody, amber, citrusy

About dōTERRA OnGuard+™ Chewable Tablet:

We all know we need to find ways to boost our immune system. OnGuard® is my go-to for that and now with OnGuard+™ Chewable Tablets it’s convenient anytime, on the go. These new tablets have been optimized for absorption. These tablets contain the proprietary dōTERRA On Guard®Protective Blend, vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc and powerful beta-glucan. Beta-glucan can help to support and maintain a healthy immune system. Vegan-friendly and free from gluten, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

New Carrier Oils

Colorless and odorless, dōTERRA Body Oil is intended to be blended with your favorite essential oils.

Ingredients: Passion Fruit, Jojoba, Baobab, Moringa, Tocopherol, and Sunflower Seed

dōTERRA Sensitive Skin Blend is a gentle carrier oil formulated to calm, comfort, and condition skin.

Ingredients: Grape Seed, Rosehip Seed, Hemp Seed, Tocopherol, and Sunflower Seed

New abōde™ Product Line

About abōde™:

Designed for cleaning your home. This essential oil can be mixed with water to create a powerful, non-toxic cleaner. This oil can be diffused to freshen up the room and/or used as a DIY for fabric, room and upholstery spray.

Ingredients: Distilled Lime, Litsea, Cassia, Lemon Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Arborvitae, Kochii Eucalyptus, Cilantro, Lavandin, and Lemon Myrtle essential oils

Aromatic Description: Camphoraceous, citrusy, sweet

Okay so there are a lot of reasons to be excited to be part of the dōTERRA family. Here are just a few more. Items will be available for purchase on October 1st, some are limited time offers. If you’d don’t have an account and you’d like to learn how to get your hands on these products contact me.

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