New Year Intention Ritual

When I was a baby witch, I was all about rituals. I followed every single spell, sabbat, and esbat to the letter. If I didn’t have the exact right ingredients or tools I blamed that on why my magic didn’t work. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on my craft and had very little magic in my life to show for it. I shutter to think of how naive and reckless I was in my haste to call myself a witch. I went on like this for about two years before growing so frustrated that I walked away from the craft completely.

Obviously, I came back to it. It was a few years later and I matured a lot during my time away. I had also studied enough to realize when I decided to re-commit myself why my magic didn’t work consistently, or at all. My intention was either too weak, or absent altogether.

It is so important when you start something new, to start with the right intentions. I think this is one of the reasons that New Year’s resolutions are still so popular, even though most people break their own new year resolutions within days of any given new year. The intention has to be there, and it has to have weight and meaning, or else it is worthless. In approaching any form of magic, intention is more important than having the right ingredients, tools, or timing.

Intention sends your idea out into the universe and helps shape and manifest it into the world. An intention can be translated as a real commitment.

The goal for setting intention requires self reflection. The truth is that with any ritual, incantation, or spell work, you have to recognize what you intend for results. These reflections can be as simple as, “I need to feel grounded”, or “I want some clarification”. Sometimes in this intention ritual you may come to realize that something is off. Setting the intention allows me to make any adjustments or tweaks before I put all my energy into something that may be wrong for me.

My best advice for setting the correct intention is to take a few moments and visualize what you hope will result from your action. If something doesn’t feel quite right with your intention, tweak the scene in your visualization and try again. Make all the adjustments you need until you’re left with exactly what you want.

I have a little ritual I use before any real spell work that helps me to realize and channel my intentions into my work. It’s my ritual before the ritual. Some people take time for cleansing before even setting intention, but I like having the intention in place before doing any kind of ritual, even cleaning prior to a ritual.

Simple Intention Setting Ritual

What you’ll need:

  • a pen
  • a piece of paper
  • your full attention

I sometimes bring a stone to this meeting and hold it in my hand. Stones for me are very grounding tools. I’m an air sign and I sometimes need the concrete feeling of a gem stone from my alter to help me focus.

Close you eyes and clear your mind. Think about what you would like the thing to produce. (example: before making alter oil, I imagine my alter protected. I see myself using the oil knowing it will keep my space sacred and open to positive energy) Once you have visualized your intention, write it out on your paper. Your desire (as specific as you feel comfortable with) + the time frame you desire to manifest it (if it makes sense for you) = your intention. Then take the paper and fold it as small as you can. Burn the paper with your intention on it in a fire safe dish. Know that the universe received your request and is ready for you.

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