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I am out of time for some of these new releases, so here you go… reviews in a minute.

This book actually called to me. I’ve been seeing triple digits for weeks and I finally decided to do some investing into the phenomena. I didn’t think mixing angels and pagan practices went together, but lately I’ve been inundated with people who do just that. The concept was pretty new to me. Being a former christian who actually studied the bible, I know most of the angels stories. I’m guessing catholicism went much more in depth into angel worship? I don’t know or claim to know all of catholic beliefs.

But, I digress, this book is about numbers and the angels they are assigned to. Maybe I’m saying that wrong. The author believes (and she is not alone by any stretch of imagination) that certain angels can use numbers to speak to us. The author encourages the use of meditation, ritual, and journaling (using writing prompts) to get to the messages meant for you when seeing these numbers. I loved that the author suggested using alters for the angels trying to reach you (or that you feel called to) and a crystal and chakras to associate with them. This is the kind of book you will want on hand for when those numbers seem to be calling you. I will be referring back to this book when I need an idea of what the universe (or angels) may be trying to tell me.

If you’re interested in learning more about angel numbers, or even angels in general, this is a book I’d recommend.

About the Book

Realize Your Divine Self with Angel Ascension Energy

With special numbers like 000, 555, 1010, and 1111, the angels are trying to help you move into a state of awakening and love. For each number, The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers shares a short affirmation-style message from the angel, a deeper message, a description of the angel, a visualization or meditation, an angel connection prayer, and an exercise for putting the number’s energy into a crystal. This book also explores thirteen archangels, such as Metatron and Uriel, and their unique ascension lessons for increasing your joy, health, and well-being. Author Leeza Robertson makes it easy to start receiving blessings and support from the angels for specific purposes like letting go, making deeper soul connections, and transcending negative energy each and every day.

A new energy that the angels call ascension energy is sweeping the planet. This book shows how angels use special numbers to connect with you and teach specific ascension energy lessons. You will discover hands-on tips and support for prayer, healing, altar work, automatic writing, rituals, working with chakras, and more. The ascension lessons in this book will support you as you learn to gently open the door and start receiving guidance and love from the angels.

Includes a color insert for crystal identification.

This book has a really unique take on scrying. The author uses blind targets for scrying which is obvious to prevent biases. For me this was all completely new information. The author offers a formula for remote viewing and esp that is pretty foolproof.

I could tell by reading this that the author was very passionate about teaching others how to use her techniques to get the most accurate readings/viewings. The author mentioned that she used these techniques in classes and group settings with an almost 100% success rate. To me that is pretty astonishing!

Most of this book covers scrying exclusively, which the remaining chapters focused on dowsing. The author states that she uses dowsing for yes/no questions. The scrying methods she uses are very well described and could be used by almost anyone in any setting.

One thing that this book really needed, and that it just didn’t have, were pictures. A few diagrams of what the author was describing would have made this an easier read.

About the book:

Revolutionary Ways to Uncover Secret Information

Discover a new, foolproof approach to scrying and dowsing that features easy-to-use and accurate techniques that only take fifteen minutes. Regardless of your skill level, this book lets you find the location of lost items, reveal the mysteries of the past, and gain knowledge about the future or other dimensions of reality.

Jenny Tyson introduces you to a reengineered system of scrying that dramatically increases the accuracy of information you receive. She also guides you in using three distinct models of scrying: internal, external (using a crystal ball or other speculum), and casting items (such as bones, shells, or tarot cards). Learn how to combine dowsing tools with scrying to answer questions. Explore innovative strategies for eliminating your inherent biases, such as the quantum time loop and the grab bag technique. With case studies, advice for common problems, and more, this book helps you raise your divination practice to amazing heights.

First of all, I know this book is full of cliques but it worked for me. I read this book right as I was needing a little pick me up and the author’s style had just the right balance of encouragement and tools for getting back into making the magic happen for me. This is sort of like a self-help book for alchemists.

Most of the information in this book was not new to me. That being said, I think this book is a great little source manual for beginners on how to make manifesting work in your life and your career. The author tells a few stories of how she failed. I think it is especially important for the reader to see that it’s not all rainbows and instagram worthy pictures that make a life worth living, or worth manifesting.

The thing that makes this not just another self-help book is the exercises she lays out for getting what you want to fruition. I enjoyed this book and will be referring back to it when I need some good vibes.

About the book:

Are you frustrated by the fact that your life doesn’t look the way you imagined? Whether it’s too little money, a struggling relationship, or a dead-end job, it can seem as if nothing works out the way you hope it would. Kris Ferraro’s Manifesting: The Practical, Simple Guide to Creating the Life You Want is the solution.

Too often we walk through life in a state of lack, choosing to focus our attention on our deficiencies and allowing our minds, bodies, and spirits to swirl with discontent and negativity. But when our focus and attention is sunk in darkness, that becomes all we experience in our lives. Manifesting offers a transformative new approach. By focusing on what you wish to have or achieve, instead of despairing over what you are missing, you will find that you can manifest those very things in your life.

Author Kris Ferraro is a practitioner and teacher in the areas of healing, growth, and metaphysics who has used manifesting in her own life and practice for years. In Manifesting, she guides readers to envision and create the lives they’ve always dreamed of with real, actionable steps, exercises, and wisdom.

I have to confess right off the bat that I dislike yoga for exercise. I thought I would love it, since I do like to exercise (occasionally).  But, I am also pretty stubborn. So in my quest to figure out how to become better at this I do a lot of study and try to immerse myself into yoga culture. Blending yoga with witchcraft seems like a no brainer since they are both considered new age and rare spiritual practices. This is the first yoga/witchcraft book I have ever seen or read tho. Why aren’t more witches talking about this?

The author goes deep into the fundamentals of yoga and witchcraft. There was a lot of technical information about the origins of both and the basic beliefs. I think depending of which side of witchcraft you are on, you’ll find either too much or not enough information. The author sites all the sources so it seems well researched. It may be due to the fact that it was so well researched that sucked the “fun” out of reading this book. I couldn’t tell if the author was just going to test me on the information or just trying to cover all the bases.

I know chakras and yoga go hand in hand so it makes sense that there is an entire chapter on chakras. This chapters seemed for informational purposes only and had zero sequences or poses for yoga. This seemed really curious to me, but if you are looking into why witches might ascribe chakras into their belief system, then this chapter makes sense.

What I did like about this book was that he found some sequences that can help with psychic development and spell work. For me this was really the meat and potatoes portion of the book and I plan on trying some of these sequences out as soon as possible.

About the book:

Explore the Crossroads of Witchcraft and Yoga

Raise your vitality, find inner peace, and enhance your magick with this hands-on, groundbreaking guide. Pairing sequences with spells and rituals, Magick from the Mat takes you on a fascinating tour through history and details how contemporary practitioners can deepen their practice of witchcraft through yoga, whether you are experienced or not.

Professional witch and yoga teacher Casey Giovinco provides more than sixty poses and corresponding illustrations for developing personal power, balance, longevity, healing, and confidence. Discover ways to boost your intuition and connect with your Higher Self. Learn how to harness the elements and use them in your yoga sessions. Featuring dozens of exercises and sequences that improve your chakra work, meditations, astral travel, and sabbat celebrations, Magick from the Mat strengthens your mind, body, and Craft.

I received copies of these books directly from the author/publisher in exchange for honest reviews.

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