Book Review: A Short Guide to Reading the Bible Better by George H. Guthrie

A Short Guide to Reading the Bible starts with, “This is a book about words.” This short book has a compelling argument for why reading the Bible is so important and how to go about making it a priority in your life. This book is only six chapters and less than two hundred pages. It … Read more

First, Feverant, and Dangerous Prayer

This title is actually a play on words. My most recent reads were all books on prayer; All of these books are centrally focused on a simple subject. A lot of Christian non-fiction books focus on prayer. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find even one Christian non-fiction that doesn’t focus on prayer. Sometimes, for … Read more

My Favorite Bible Apps

I know what you might be thinking.
Bible + Social Media? Nah! I’ll stick with the word as it’s written.
I thought the same thing. That thought kept me off any Bible apps until late last year and then, I realized all that I was missing. I should have remembered Romans 8:28.

My main problem is, like many Christians, I get busy doing things and I don’t always make time to get into the Word. I do love spending time with God and reading the Bible, but I’m only human. I found that just setting a daily reminder didn’t work for me. I needed a plan.