Why I Don’t Celebrate Ostara

Here we go again, Ostara/Easter season is upon us. I have four children, so there is a lot of pressure from the world outside our home to celebrate with the Easter bunny, eggs, and candy. My littles have asked me countless times why we don’t celebrate. Why can’t we hide eggs? Why don’t we get Easter baskets? The answer is not as easy as “it’s not our religion.” This year I pondered at least coloring eggs, but alas decided against it.

Easter is originally a Pagan holiday. It’s the celebration of Ostara here in the northern hemisphere, which is held on the Spring equinox. That date doesn’t really change, but Easter does….. every frigging year.

As a Pagan, I have every right to celebrate Ostara, but I don’t feel called to celebrate with ritual. Beltane is a whole different story. That was my very first Pagan holiday when I converted and I celebrate it every year. In past years, when my oldest two were going through their teens, I was sure celebrating fertility wasn’t such a good idea. I didn’t want to wish fertility on my family. In true transparency, I’m incredibly fertile, or at least I was for a number of years. I have had six pregnancies and four live babies (two miscarried). Two of those pregnancies were even while I was on birth control. I love all my kids, but for sure we don’t need any more kiddos.

Here is what I do instead….

I acknowledge the spring equinox. I try to spend more time outdoors. I worship the sun a bit more, when the temperature is tame. I take my plants outside when the weather is nice. I walk barefoot in the yard and feel the earth beneath my feet. I ride my motorcycle and feel the wind and sun on my face. I open the windows and air out the house. I meditate with the sound of birds in my ears. I start new plants indoors with the promise of being outside soon.

The nice thing about this religion is that I don’t have to do anything. I work ritual when I feel called and don’t have to force anything. Between eight major Sabbats and the bimonthly Esbats, my calendar for ritual is pretty full. This year I am also trying to get through Llewellyn’s 2021 Spell a Day Almanac (admittedly, I am a bit behind). I find I am always studying. There is so much to learn, I feel I’ll never know enough. I write this, not to excuse myself, but to offer assurance if you are struggling with outside pressure to celebrate. You don’t have to. Even with kids, you can find other ways to celebrate that won’t feel like a violation of your core beliefs. I don’t have one Ostara (or Easter) decoration in my house. Perhaps I will make something special next year. I might not.

I just don’t celebrate Ostara.

Do you celebrate all eight pagan holidays?

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